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In Sentima: Sundered Wilds, you’ll find a rules-light system with classless characters and advancement through equipment and crafting.

The rules focus on the ways your explorer survives the wilderness, with systems that highlight exploration, combat, weather, research, gathering, and crafting.

As the Trail Guide, shape the tone of your story with color-coded adventures and tailored rulesets. Switch up the narrative and mechanical focus of the game by using red rules for combat, blue for horror, yellow for adventure, and green for survival.

Players will find a sense of wonder and looming danger—and a hunger to explore this unknown, untamed world.

Trail Guides will find a fast, light system that cares about more than just combat, with both stock content and modular items, enemies, and landmarks that are easy to create on the fly.

Dive into the weird and deadly sky-seas of Sentima! You’ll get to...

  • Choose from 12 playable Tribes, each with 3 different professions
  • Build, crew, and sail your very own airship—or hitch a ride with the locals!
  • Explore otherworldly, energy-warped ecosystems. Collect energy to use as boosts
  • Gather, research, and craft with ingredients using over 45 different tags
  • Advance by crafting new, powerful equipment to add to your arsenal
  • Weather raging energy storms that change from day to day
  • Survive unforgiving wounds and illnesses with makeshift shelters and meals
  • Battle hostile locals and all kinds of monstrously mutated creatures and behemoths

Homepage: https://yubisadventures.com

Want to see the campaign as an actual play? Our friends at Undeniably Good Time got you covered!


Underground dungeon map.png 14 MB
Character sheet v1.png 2 MB
Character_Aestar_Rooted.png 98 kB
Character_Charusol_Harvester Ant.png 100 kB
Character_Hammer_Wasp.png 97 kB
Character_Leyyam_Termite.png 94 kB
Character_Skarsha_Erigone Spider.png 98 kB
Character_Zazan_Scarab Beetle.png 98 kB
Sentima - Turmoil at Acron post.pdf 5 MB

Install instructions

Download the free pack which includes all the rules you will need plus a one shot adventure!


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Hello, who is the artist for this game?


Hiya! We have several amazing artists on the team with some pieces being commissioned from other freelancers. The teams intro and names can be found on our webpage https://yubisadventures.com